Sunday, August 16, 2009

Impromptu Adventure - Roar!

We woke up Sunday morning and we were running kind of late for church -  well, we could have made it if we had pushed it. . . So, after I brought up the idea of skipping church, Goofy Hubby said, "Why don't we drive down to T-Rex today?"  I couldn't think of a good reason not to, so I said "Road trip!"  Woo!  T-Rex is a large dino-themed restaurant from the same creators as Rain Forest Cafe.  You walk in and a life-sized t-rex greets you with a roar.  

Knowing the boys would not object to skipping church and going on a mini trip, we set about waking them up and dressing them for our impromptu adventure.  There was a caveat - Ethan needed to finish painting his clay garden gnomes (and other various creatures) he had created the day before.  Then, we were off!  

After a meal of tasty (yet overpriced) food, we adopted some stuffed dinos, and did a little shopping at the outlet mall surrounding the restaurant.  We had passed a bowling alley on our way in, and our little one Dilly, who is mildly obsessed with bowling, kept mentioning it, oh, about every thirty seconds.  We had about an hour before we needed to hit the road, so we stopped in to bowl a quick game.  

So, this was definitely not a Suze Orman-approved day, as it was not really in the budget, but sometimes impulse control is overrated.  We had an awesome time - roar!! 


  1. Sounds like fun! Brock was scared to death of that place just walking by a few years ago!

  2. Did you guys go to the one in KC? We've been there once. So much fun. Luke still has his adopted dinosaur.