Monday, November 16, 2009

My Life in Pictures - Day 1 (Sight)

My friend Amber is hosting session three of My Life in Pictures, a photo contest.  I really wanted to do the first session and actually took pictures for the second session but didn't get them on a blog.  This session, I am determined to finish :)  This one is the five senses, the first day beginning with sight.  I chose this picture of my seven-year-old son Ethan.  He has been wearing glasses since he was three to correct a lazy eye.  He picked out this pair of glasses all by himself with no coaxing a couple of weeks ago and it really shows is unique style.  

The other angle of this photo is just something else that is cool about Ethan besides his glasses.  Ethan has true vision, not just to SEE things, but to NOTICE things.  He is always noticing some sort of tiny, camouflaged bug, lizard, or snail, even in places where there are a hundred things going on.  

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  1. Thanks for playing along Krystal!!!

    Like I mentioned earlier... I LOVE those glasses on him!!!