Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Life in Pictures - Day 4 (Taste)

Okay, this picture was actually taken by Goofy Hubby but I had to enter it because it is cool. The boys, Goofy Hubby, and I had taken a day hike up a hill called Sleeping Giant during our vacation to Kauai in June of 2008. It is named such because the hill looks like the profile of a giant man.

My little one, Dylan, would not hike very far (we knew that), but what we didn't expect was for him to only want to be carried by mommy. So yep, I hauled a 30 pound two-year-old up a 1,000 foot elevation climb for two miles and back down again. It was worth it though. When we got to the top, we could see all over the island and to the sea - it was beautiful.

In this picture, we are snacking on some trail mix and water. Let me tell you, trail mix and water have never tasted so good! You can't see it very well, but the bench under our butts says "Respect" - a gentle reminder to respect nature and pack out any garbage you take there.


  1. What an awesome way you would catch me carrying my two year old all that way though...:D