Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten Signs You Need To Be Pampered (Or Pamper Yourself)

1.  You are using your son's Bakugan shower gel in place of shave gel.
2.  The last time  you had a professional pedicure, you were pregnant with your oldest child - he is now seven.
3.  The last time you saw your hair dresser, you chatted about her son being at summer camp that week.  It's now almost February.
4.  Your idea of variety in work attire is:  Monday - black pants with at pink sweater, Tuesday - black pants with a blue sweater, Wednesday - black pants with a green sweater, etc.
5.  Your fancy soap is now being used as a surf board for the Donald Duck bath toy.
6.  Your idea of a long, relaxing bubble bath is eight minutes and your four-year-old only visits you twice.
7.  The last time you saw your fingernail file, you were using it as a screw driver to change batteries in Spiderman Pinball.
8.  The last time you had a professional massage, your four-year-old was a baby.
9.  There is a Hot Wheels car in your sea salt scrub jar.
10.  Bath & Body Whuh?


  1. You are funny! Maybe your goofy hubby will read this post (and this comment) and treat you to an all day extravaganza at the day spa! You deserve it- to heck with the budget!

  2. GET.YOURSELF.TO.THE.SALON.NOW!! tee hee! Know the feeling's hard to just say, "I'm going, see you later, deal with it!" But I think that's what it comes to sometimes!! :)

  3. Love this!!! What is worse is that I can totally relate!!

  4. Hey I think it worked! Justin read the post and the comments. Thanks guys!!