Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zen Running

My husband and I laugh about our different running styles.  Mine is "Zen Running" because I like running more for the meditative qualities and don't care too much about the speed.  For him, it's "Macho Running" because it's all about conquering a certain time or distance and oh yeah, did I mention the medals?  Sure, it's cool to say I've done a marathon, and it will be even cooler to be able to say I've done the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge (half marathon on Saturday and full marathon on Sunday).  In fact, one week from today, I will be done with the half marathon part of the Goofy Challenge and awaiting the full marathon Sunday morning.  

I have to thank my husband.  Back in high school, I came up with a big list of stuff I wanted to do someday.  One of the items was to run a marathon, and I don't think I would have done it yet had it not been for my husband encouraging me to run longer distances.  I must admit, when he first started running, I was kind of jealous and crabby about his success and follow-through.  But now, I am happy for him, and myself for stepping up to the challenges.  Sorry to sound all corny and Brady Bunch, but thanks Justin!  



  1. You don't sound Brady Bunch! I think you and Justin are awesome for your running. You definitely inspire me! I'm so excited to hear how Disney goes next week!

  2. Not corny at all! That's why we marry these goof balls right?? So they can push us to be better versions of ourselves? Good luck next week.....!!

  3. My running too is "Zen" style.
    As Mr. Miyagi would say "win lose no matter" :o)

    Running is my me escape reality and go into my own little world...

    Running slower allows me to be there longer!!!

    Great job on the training...and Good Luck on the Goofy!!!! Will be here rooting for you as well!!! :o)

    (just realized you had a blog...MAN, i'm seriously out of it!) Better late than never! :o)

  4. What is wrong with you people?

    Damn the torpedos! Full speed ahead!!!! Crank up the Rob Zombie and run already.